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Town walk: the Constitution Walk

Besides offering guided tours of the buildings that line the Binnenhof, the ProDemos Visitor Centre also organise a city walk that takes you along The Hague’s political hotspots: the Constitution Walk.

The Hague: the Constitution Walk

A walk through the history of the Dutch Constitution in The Hague’s city centre

Het Haagse GrondwetpadThe Hague is the very heart of our democratic constitutional state. What is less well-known, is that the Constitution also plays an important role in the history of numerous locations throughout the city. What does the ‘Gevangenpoort’ (Prison Gate) have to do with the separation of powers, for instance? What is the historical background of the Binnenhof? Where can we find the ‘Grondwetbank’ (Constitution Bench)?

More information

Guided city walks are offered upon request and take approximately one-and-a-half hours. You can also take the walk as a self-guided tour. The map for the walk can be obtained from the Visitors’ Centre for EUR 2,50.

See also our pdf’s in English, German and French:


A guided group walk with (if possible) a short visit to the Hall of Knights: EUR 180 (will be EUR 200 in 2018). A walk can be done with a maximum of 25 people.


To book a guided tour of the Constitution Walk, you can contact Olga de Rooy by email: or telephone: 070-7570285.