Huis voor democratie en rechtsstaat

Dutch Politics Tour

During this tour you will learn more about the Dutch Parliament: the States General. Together with a guide you will visit the Dutch House of Representatives and the Senate, i.e. the Dutch lower and upper houses. Both the history of the States General and the current tasks and routines will be explained. Your guide will tell you a number of surprising stories. You might find out which of the gates was reserved for the stadtholder. And during the short walk through the ‘Binnenhof’, you may learn what tennis has to do with this centuries-old Inner Court.

All standard guided tours are conducted in Dutch. Each Saturday an English-spoken tour is offered.

On the Dutch-spoken tours ProDemos can provide an audio guide (max. 6 people per tour) for our individual foreign guests in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Handouts are also available in Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Russian. We recommend that you make your reservations in advance.

Practical Information

Duration: 90 minutes
Costs: EUR 11,- per person
Reservations via our online reservation system

Groups & Arrangements

All tours can be conducted in private for groups up to 30 participants (Hall of Knights up to 50 participants). For more information visit ProDemos Arrangements.