Huis voor democratie en rechtsstaat

Guided tours

People during a guided tour around the Binnenhof

Throughout the centuries the ‘Binnenhof’ (Inner Court) has been the centre of political life in the Netherlands. Dominating the Binnenhof is the Hall of Knights. From the Hall of Knights it is just a few steps to the Dutch Parliamentary buildings. ProDemos – House for Democracy and the Rule of Law – welcomes you to visit the centre of Dutch politics and to learn more about its history, traditions and current affairs

You can choose from the following programmes:

  • Hall of Knights Tour (ca. 60 minutes, EUR 6,00 per person) available from the 17th of July
  • House of Representatives Tour (more information soon) available from October 2021
  • Senate Tour (more information soon) available from October 2021

Practical Information

The guided tours start at Hofweg 1, in the reception area of the Visitor Centre next to Café Brasserie Dudok.

All standard guided tours are conducted in Dutch or English You can check our online reservation system if a tour will be conducted in Dutch or in English.

Registration requirement House of Representatives
All visitors to the House of Representatives are required to register online before their visit. Without registration and a valid form of id you will not be granted access to the House of Representatives

The Hall of Knights is not accessible for people with a serious mobility impairment, as the hall can only be accessed via stairs.

Hall of Knights Tour

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When visiting the Hall of Knights (Ridderzaal) we kindly ask you to show your corona entry pass before taking part in the tour. The Hall of Knights is not only the oldest building of The Hague but also the place where the king normally delivers the speech from...

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