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Groups & Arrangements

Fotograaf: Bart van Vliet

Due to the measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, our Visitor Centre is closed until 16 May 2021.

Please ignore the information below, as it pertains to a situation without corona measures.

Are you looking for a special tour or event or do you have a request outside of the regular guided tours? We can offer tours, walks and a special programme about Dutch politics. Please contact us for our arrangements ( Telephone: 0031(0)70 – 75 70 200.

All regular tours can be booked for groups, but you can also choose one of the following programmes:

  • Constitution Walk
  • Dutch Politics and History Walk
  • Introduction to Dutch Politics

Please note: All visitors to the House of Representatives are required to register online before their visit. Without registration and a valid form of id you will not be granted access to the House of Representatives

Special tours

  • Tours for people with a physical disability (this tour is meant for people who are less mobile and people who use a walker or wheelchair)
  • Tour for people with a mild intellectual disability
  • Tour for people with a hearing impairment
  • Tour for people with a visual impairment

Constitution Walk

A walk through the history of the Dutch Constitution in The Hague’s city centre The Hague is the very heart of our democratic constitutional state. What is less well-known, is that the Constitution also plays an important role in the history of numerous locations throughout the city. What does the...

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Dutch politics and history walk

During this town walk you will get to know the history of the city of The Hague, the royal family and their palaces. You will pass the highlights of Dutch politics and some of the most beautiful sites of the city. Guided city walks are offered upon request and take...

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Introduction to Dutch Politics

All you ever wanted to know about Dutch political culture! This presentation and tour is designed especially for international professionals who are interested in the system of governance in the Netherlands. We offer an engaging introduction to the political system, as well as a glimpse into the political culture in the...

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