Huis voor democratie en rechtsstaat


To enhance people’s experience of the democratic process and our constitutional state, ProDemos has already developed a large number of tools and websites that allow citizens to scrutinise their viewpoints, influence and the consequences of their political choices. We have listed a few examples below.


The StemWijzer (Vote Match) is an educational tool that informs citizens about the substantive differences between political parties. It takes the form of a test: the user answers some thirty questions, after which the programme calculates which political party most effectively connects to the viewpoints he/she has entered. The StemWijzer bases its calculations on the parties’ electoral programmes in this process. The StemWijzer is a very popular tool and it is indeed hard to imagine election time without the programme. Further English-language information on the StemWijzer can be found at

Nationale Begrotingswijzer

Nationale Begrotingswijzer

The Nationale Begrotingswijzer (National Budget Guide) shows citizens what their tax money is spent on. In the Nationale Begrotingswijzer, the user can indicate him/herself where expenditure can be cut in his/her view. Begrotingswijzers have also been made for a number of municipalities. See:

Election bills


This website offers extensive background information on dozens of Dutch election bills from 1918 to the present day. Furthermore, the site offers you a survey of all the political parties and key terms and dates.

Could I be a councillor?

Schuilt er een raadslid in mij?

This test helps people to find out whether they would make a good councillor. The test includes questions that focus on how much time the respondent can free up, which issues he/she would like to throw him/herself into, etc. Besides such questions, the site also offers a wealth of information on what it means to sit on the local council.