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ProDemos regularly publishes books and brochures that offer information on political subjects. Our offer also extends to other themes like the history of the Binnenhof, course material for schools and political games. Several of these publications have been translated into English.

Politics in the Netherlands

In this brochure, written in English, you can find everything you need to know about Dutch politics. Learn about the Dutch state characteristics, Dutch parliament, the government, elections and the role of the King  in just 30 pages.

A perfect way to get acquainted with the Dutch political system. Available in print or as a download.

This publication can be ordered or downloaded as a pdf file.

Politics in the Netherlands – 30 pages – The Hague 2019

The Binnenhof

A publication about the history of the Binnenhof and its governmental buildings, such as the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Hall of Knights and many other historic places. The booklet is available at the Prodemos Visitor Centre for € 2,50.

If you prefer to read it online, please download the pdf file: The Binnenhof.

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The Constitution Walk

The Dutch constitution (‘Grondwet’) has played an important part in the history of many places in The Hague. During the walk, you will learn about matters like the role of the Prison Gate (‘Gevangenpoort’), the historical background of the Binnenhof and the location of the Grondwetbank.

The Constitution Walk was devised by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The walk is a 1-hour foray into the past, during which everyone gets the opportunity to revisit the history of the Dutch Constitution on the streets of The Hague.

This book is only available in pdf: The Constitution Walk.

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