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Extended measures coronavirus

Friday 13 March 2020 - Wednesday 1 July 2020

As of Sunday the 15th of March, measures are in place in the Netherlands to tackle the spread of the coronavirus. In the following months the Government has adjusted it’s corona-related measures every few weeks.  You can find the latest update here.

Tours and educational programmes cancelled

As a result of these measures, ProDemos unfortunately has to cancel all educational programmes to the Hague’s political centre, to town halls, county houses and courts until the upcoming summer vacation. Some educational programmes at schools can be resumed in June. Also a variety of online programmes have been developed. ProDemos will contact schools to inform them about the cancellation of our educational programmes and our alternative programmes.

Our tours in the Hague and other activities (e.g. debates, movie screenings) are also cancelled until the 30th of June

ProDemos has informed its visitors about the cancellation of our tours and other activities. Booking fees will be restituted.

As of Saturday 14 March, our Visitor Centre at Hofweg 1, The Hague will be closed until further notice.

Reservations after the June 30, 2020

At this moment it is not possible to book a guided tour to the Binnenhof for a date on or before 31 July 2020.

Debates, lectures and other events

All gatherings and events before Tuesday 1 September will be suspended. This means that all of ProDemos’ upcoming debates, lectures and college series are cancelled.