Huis voor democratie en rechtsstaat

Parliament temporarily closed for visitors

Friday 13 March 2020 - Tuesday 31 March 2020

As of Thursday the 12th of March, new measures are in place in the Netherlands to tackle the spread of the coronavirus. Gatherings with over 100 people are being cancelled in the Netherlands. This includes public locations such as museums, concerthalls, theathers, sports clubs and sporting events/matches. At the same time, all people in the Netherladns are urged to work at home as much as possible or to spread working hours. Read the official statement on the website of the Government. (in Dutch)

These measures follow-up on the announcement of the Presidium of the Dutch House of Representatives. On Wednesday March 11th, the Presidium of the Dutch House of Representatives has decided to suspend all visits to the House of Representatives. Not only all guided tours by ProDemos are affected by this measure, but also all individual visitors that want to attend the plenary sessions are not allowed in anymore. This measure will be enforced on the 13th of March and will last until further notice. Read the official statement on the website of the House of Representatives (in Dutch)

The plenary meetings, committee meetings and activities will also be limited to the essential debates on the coronavirus. Read the official statement on the website of the House of Representatives.

Visits and educational programs cancelled

As a result of the extra measures, ProDemos unfortunately has to cancel all educational programs, tours, and other (debate-)activities in the Hague and everywhere else in the Netherlands. We will do this until the 31st of March until further notice.

On Thursday the 12th of March, ProDemos already cancelled all educational programs and guided tours, and started to personally contact schools and visitors who had booked a tour or program with us. As of Friday the 13th of March, we will continue contacting the remaining schools and partnerorganisations in the rest of the Netherlands  to personally inform them about the cancellation of all educational programs at schools, provincial houses, town halls, court houses, and at Fort de Bilt

As of Saturday the 14th of March, the Visitor Centre at Hofweg 1 will be closed for all visitors until further notice.

Questions about your reservations

  • Read more here when you have questions about your (group)tour or other activity that was organised by ProDemos.