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European Union – class activities

Not all students like discussing politics in class. They often find the subject difficult and do not feel like they have any influence. ProDemos wants to get students (and other people) energized about politics by using activating class activities and teaching methods. In the publication below we present six ready-to-use class activities about the European Union. All the exercises in this collection contain a description of the learning objective, time the exercise takes, and the necessary materials, followed by an instruction for teachers.

Some of the exercises use materials that you can download below.


The United Kingdom has left the European Union on the 31st of January 2020. However, this edition was published in August 2018. At this moment of publication the Brexit process was still ongoing. Therefore, in this publication we assume the EU has 28 member states.

Lesson materials

  1. ProDemos – From Problem To Solution EU
  2. PowerPoint EU Quiz
  3. ProDemos – EU contact ads
  4. ProDemos – History of the EU
  5. ProDemos – Though decisions EU
  6. ProDemos – EU opinion poll