Huis voor democratie en rechtsstaat

ProDemos for schools

Dutch teachers who are looking for a lively theme for their lessons can turn to ProDemos for a wide range of options: from political excursions, guest lectures and role-playing exercises to a variety of teaching materials dealing with current topics. In addition, we publish a professional journal as well as various publications that can help you to keep your professional knowledge up to scratch. Moreover, every year, ProDemos organises a professional conference for Social Studies teachers, full of workshops, lectures and information on new teaching methods.

Day program in The Hague

ProDemos offers educational excursions to political The Hague. This programme is called: ‘Politiek in Vogelvlucht’ and is free of charge. It is meant for pupils attending primary school, secondary school or senior secondary vocational education (mbo). The aim of the programme is to allow pupils to gain on-site experience with...

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Youth projects

ProDemos offers a number of projects that encourage young people to participate in the political process at both the national and local levels. We have projects for primary schools, secondary schools and senior secondary vocational education (MBO). Examples include: Klassenbezoek@gemeentehuis Klassenbezoek@gemeentehuis (Class visit to Town Hall) shows young people in...

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Teaching material

ProDemos regularly produces ready-for-use teaching material that is easy to use in the classroom, including course packages, educational newspapers and DVDs. The material is particularly suited for Social Studies and History classes and in senior secondary vocational education (MBO) for the Civics lessons, but we also offer material for the...

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