Huis voor democratie en rechtsstaat


ProDemos regularly organises debates about topical issues. This often concerns debates about national themes, but also about international subjects like:

  • elections in Germany, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, France, Morocco, Russia, Spain, Italy, etc., and the elections for the European Parliament
  • target Peace: a series of debates about military missions
  • debates about the ‘European constitution’
  • European Citizens’ Consultations

Election debates

During the election debates, people met to discuss elections in other EU Member States and in countries that are ‘Good Neighbours’ of the EU. During these events, the participants focused on the political situation in the country in question, the significance of the elections for the EU, etc.

One example was the debate about the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina held on 3 October 2010. Nearly fifteen years after the end of the war, political divisions still run deep in the country. While the Dayton Agreement had managed to end the war, it has not provided a sufficiently strong foundation for a well-functioning state. The debate reflected on questions like: What is at stake during these elections? What does Bosnia and Herzegovina’s European perspective look like and which role does the international community play in the country’s future?

ProDemos organised this exciting election evening in partnership with IKV Pax Christi and SIB Utrecht. The working language of the event was English and admission was free.

European Citizens’ Consultations

In the spring of 2007, hundreds of citizens from each of the EU Members States shared their views and ideas on the future of Europe. This exchange took place in the context of the European Citizens’ Consultations project. At the end of the project, the participating citizens issued a joint advice to the European decision-makers. This advice specified which subjects the EU should concern itself with.
ProDemos organised the Dutch part of the European Citizens’ Consultations project. Thirty Dutch citizens discussed three main themes and formulated their views on these issues. The three themes were: The Environment and Energy, Social Policy and the Family, and Immigration and the EU’s Role in the World. In May 2007, the results of the 27 national Citizens’ Consultations were combined into a single view. The final document with conclusions and recommendations was presented to the European Commission and the European Council.