Huis voor democratie en rechtsstaat

International activities

ProDemos is also active at the international level.

A few examples of our international activities are listed below:


ProDemos organises trainings for an international audience, with the aim of contributing to stronger democracies in other countries. These trainings are intended to help citizens beyond Dutch borders become more closely involved in local politics. The trainings are set up in close collaboration with national and local organisations. Examples of...

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ProDemos regularly organises debates about topical issues. This often concerns debates about national themes, but also about international subjects like: elections in Germany, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, France, Morocco, Russia, Spain, Italy, etc., and the elections for the European Parliament target Peace: a series of debates about military missions...

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Vote Match

One of our most successful products in the Netherlands is the StemWijzer. ProDemos developed the StemWijzer as a tool to help voters test their political preferences. The user enters his/her opinion in response to some thirty propositions, and the programme subsequently calculates which party most closely matches the user’s points...

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Custom projects

ProDemos is open to exchanging experiences and working together with like-minded organisations in other EU countries. Citizen participation, civic education, a stronger democracy and the constitutional state are our core areas of interest. For details, feel free to contact Tatiana Meijvogel-Volk:

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