House for Democracy and the Rule of Law


ProDemos – House for Democracy and the Rule of Law was established in October 2010. In other words, ProDemos is a young organisation. At the same time we have years of experience and knowledge in the areas of civic engagement and the democratic process. This is because ProDemos came out of the merger of two existing foundations: the Institute for Political Participation (IPP), based in Amsterdam, and the Binnenhof Visitors’ Centre in The Hague.

Institute for Political Participation (IPP)

logo IPP

In 2010, IPP was absorbed by ProDemos. IPP’s activities are presently continued by ProDemos. The Dutch Institute for Political Participation (IPP), was an independent, non-partisan organisation that promoted political and social participation both in the Netherlands and abroad. IPP was a member of the Politeia network, a European network of organisations involved in citizenship and the development of democracy. The members of this network exchanged expertise and methodologies. Politeia has been dissolved and merged into the current NECE network (

Binnenhof Visitor Centre (SBB)

Hall of knights / Ridderzaal

Before 2010, the Visitor Centre was a small organisation that was established in the basement of the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights) on the Binnenhof. The Visitor Centre organised guided tours for tourists, day trippers, school classes and other groups. These tours are presently handled by ProDemos’ Visitor Centre.